Prop hire

Additional accessories that will enrich your game night.

We have everything from chairs to a metal detector.


Minimalist, lightweight yet sturdy IKEA chairs for when you need to comfortably seat your event guests and the ground is not suitable. The chairs are metal with a plastic seat, so they are not afraid of humidity and bad weather conditions. Easy to transport, they stack on top of each other.

VIP fence

Do you have a gala event with distinguished guests or maybe you want to create a VIP atmosphere? Metal stands with red luxurious strips of fencing will serve you well. Compliant with all etiquette requirements, with detachable straps and adjustable stand height. We have 8 sets, each set consists of two stands and one bar.

Mini drinks roulette

Gambling can be spiced up with this mini entertainment. Treat your friends or colleagues to different drinks, and they don't have to be alcoholic drinks. Make it a drinks guessing or tasting night, where you can also try your luck at roulette. The game consists of a roulette wheel, dice and 16 glasses.

Metal detector

If you're planning a fun getaway to the precious metal mines, you'll definitely need this device. It is a metal detector that will help you to find metal objects more quickly with an audible signal. Easy to use, easy to assemble and lightweight. Suitable for children's adventures.


VHF two-channel wireless microphone and clip-on microphone by Azusa. Operating distance up to 50 meters from the station. Supported by 2xAA batteries. Frequency band 170-270MHz.

Bamboo mats

Bamboo mats 50X80 cm, the perfect solution for cold floors, when activities are planned on the ground, or as decoration for rustic, bali style setting. The mats are easy to roll up, take up little space for transport and are easy to clean.

Decorative cushion

A decorative cushion covered with scales where you can leave your own drawing or inscription. Suitable as a decoration or as an additional tool for activities. Size 40x40 cm.

Mirrored bubbles

Mirror stable bubbles for decoration. Can be placed in the ground or hung. With hooks, removable if necessary. Bubble diameter 89 cm.

Decorative mini cacti in pots

Decorative cactus succulents in ceramic pots are the perfect decoration for a variety of themes. The different shapes and colors of the plants give a realistic look and feel.

Natural birch logs

Natural Lithuanian birch, additionally bleached logs/branches for your decor. Whether it's a Christmas or spring theme, the tree motifs will always give a cozy and natural feeling. The set consists of branches and logs of different sizes, ~ 20 pieces in total.

Birch branch hangers

Mega decorative cactus

Mexican sombrero hats

Mexican hats made of natural straw, decorated with coloured ribbons and cord. Universal size.