"Several participants were so involved in the game that at the end of it they went to play the paper version to level the score."

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“Battleship” is a well known table game, beloved among adults and children. First time presented by Milton Bradley in 1931. Game source is the World War I. The ships, built for sea battles at that period were glorious and one of the most powerful ships in the whole history.

The Saldo Group has transferred it from paper into another plane – big tables (2m x 2m), made for the game and beautifully decorated by painters. Seeing this amazing piece of art helps you feel like a real sea conqueror!

This game will be a real challenge for your team spirit, strategic thinking and fighting efficiency. Two competing teams run the squadrons of one four-seated, two three-seated, three double-seated and four single-seated ships each. Ships can be played out in the battle field with all team‘s artifice. The starting crew is elected while drawing lots… and the battle starts! 

  • Well suited for team building activities.
  • Encourages strategic thinking.
  • Evokes collaboration among participants.
  • Two teams participate in the game. Teams compete with each other.
  • Two game tables get prepared (one set) with impenetrable screen in between to ensure the teams will not see each other. 
  • The teams arrange the ships on their tables: four single-seated, three double-seated, two three-seated and one four-seated each. Each ship covers the same number of squares as the seat numbers it has.
  • After all four teams lay out their ships, the captain of the team is elected and  his\her shot starts the game. Each player gets five blue flags for his/her shots.
  • Each crew member has to be attentive and must remember not only his\her ownshots but also all team members‘ shots as there is no possibility to write them down. Thus the game becomes even more attractive, more passionate and mysterious. 
  • The winner is the team, which drowns all opponent‘s ships first. Approximate duration of the game is 1,5
  • When requested, light and sound effects can be provided.

The rent price includes the package: 

  • Two tables (2m x 2m)
  • 20 ships (1 four-seated, 2 three-seated, 3 double-seated and 4 single-seated ships for each team)
  • 100  flags for „shots“ (blue and red)per team
  • Screen for teams‘partition
  • Supporting assistants
  • Transportation to and from the event of all the equipment (within Vilnius)

Total cost of the „Battleship“ for the evening: 1100 eur

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