About us

Let‘s meet!

On the team of “Timeless Games” you will find two women with the same name – Ugnė. Our biggest passion is connecting with people and creating extraordinary experiences for our clients and friends.


It‘s been 18 years since I‘ve started organizing events and helping people to fulfil their visions. Somewhere along the way I got the grasp of these gigantic board game tables which are now “Timeless Games”.  

I even have a nickname among my peers – „The Mother of Madagascar Cockroaches“, because The Cockroach Races is the most popular of all the games we offer up to this day and I have hosted it hundreds of times.


I am currently a photographer and content creator and I am immensely happy to have joined “Timeless Games”.

For me the most precious feeling is to see my client happy and thrilled – whether it is photography, social media or event planning.