“Cockroach racing” educational activity

"Will you dare to face a Madagascar cockroach?!"


This is a great opportunity for children and their parents to take part in team-building and at the same time learn a lot of interesting facts about the amazing hissing cockroach racers of Madagascar.

The education consists of storytelling, knowledge testing in teams, a face-to-face encounter with a cockroach, and finally a real cockroach race where each participant chooses which of the six cockroaches he or she wants to root for. The education is ideal for schools, kindergartens, camps and children’s spaces.

  • Designed with children in mind, but anyone can participate.
  • A test of courage – will you take a cockroach in your hand?
  • The success of the racing cockroaches is completely unpredictable, so every step the cockroaches take evokes great emotions in the observers.
  • This is a great opportunity to learn more about these amazing animals.
  • The table is light and portable.
  • The duration of the education is 1 h.

The price of the education includes:

  • Cockroach race track to be placed on a surface at your venue.
  • Cockroach race animator assistant.
  • 6 Madagascar cockroaches.
  • Transportation to and from the event of all the equipment (within Vilnius).

Educational cost 400 eur


There are ~4,000 species of cockroaches in the world;


Madagascar cockroaches live about 5 years;


They are one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth. They have lived here for about 300 million years;


The average speed of a cockroach is 1.5 metres per second;


The Madagascar cockroach can be up to 8 cm long;


Madagascar cockroaches feed on plant foods: leaves, berries, fruit, vegetables, lettuce.