Cockroach Racing

"Will you dare to face a Madagascar cockroach?!"

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Consider the exotic show and party spirit for your guests. We offer to hold this race in the venue where 30 to 100 your guests will be watching and participating at the real competition of Madagascar racing cockroaches.

Every participant receives special race money and can purchase one of the six cockroachs. Other participants bet for the couple of player and cockroach they prefer the most and watch the competition on the big table (4.5×1.5 m).

The game will be a surprise to all guests. As much as they would loath these exotic insects at the beginning, they will love them by the end of the race. Players encourage their cockroaches to run by knocking the glassed surface of the course with the special sticks and greet every step of their chosen roach. The finish of the race is quite unpredictable and every step of a cockroach brings out lots of emotions in all of the guests.

Catering, music and the master of the race are the only additional items for the event.

  • Well suited for different age groups.
  • Cockroach is likely to turn around and go to the wrong direction, so every step of the cockroach is unpredictable and shoots the emotions of the players through the roof.
  • It’s a good chance to get to know these amazing creatures.
  • Guests are given special money at the beginning of the game and participate at the auction for 6 cockroaches.
  • The luckiest six guests get special sticks and take places at the end of the table. The others stake various sums of money for the couple they prefer the most or hope to win.
  • Each of six guests knocks the glassed surface above his cockroach with a stick and stimulates his/her “partner” to go faster. 
  • The first cockroach to reach the finish line becomes a winner.

The rent price includes three rounds of the game and the package: 

  • Cockroach race table 
  • 3 attendants 
  • 12Madagascar Race Cockroaches 
  • Special race money 
  • 6 Race sticks 
  • Software to count odds 
  • Cheques for bets 
  • Transportation to and from the event of all the equipment (within Vilnius).

Total cost of the „Cockroach Races“ for the evening: 1100 eur

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