"One participant refused to part with her horse after the game, claiming it was the mascot of her success."

Game info

This is a big and impressive table game, 6,5m length and 3m width, with the figures of the size of 40 cm. It involves from 30 to 160 players into an artistic and thrilling experience.

During the event, three rounds of The Hippodrome are arranged, the guests can take part in all of them or less. They compete in the auction at the beginning of every round by staking special hippodrome money for each of four playing figures. Everyone else can bet on who they think the winner is going to be. Special software makes the odds and announces the wins of the lucky. 

Excitement grows with every round. Owners of steeds dice for passing the course to finish and other participants follow the steeds they have chosen and plan new stakes.

Feel the emotion of the game while gathered round the huge table. It grants 3 hours of slapping entertainment, healthy sense of gambling and desire to go on playing. Catering and background music, and the judge are the only additional things you would need for the event, but your guests will long remember and talk about the experience.

  • Well suited for big groups of people.
  • Easy to adjust your level of engagement in the game.
  • The game is of medium pace, which means players have enough time to socialize or talk business.
  • In the beginning the “Hippodrome money” are dealt and the auction conducted to acquire the four steeds.
  • Four players (the steed owners) take their places by the table. Other players bid various sums of money for their favorite steed.
  • The four players roll the dice one after another. Each steed goes forward for as many steps as there are numbers on the dice.
  • If the steed hits the barrier, it comes back to the previous hurdle.
  • If the steed hits the hurdle “Stone wall 1”, it comes back to the very beginning.
  • If the steed hits the hurdle “Stone wall 2”, it comes back to the “Stone wall 1” and continues from there.

The rent price includes three rounds of the game and the package:

  • “Hippodrome” table
  • 2 attendants
  • 4 steeds, 3 barriers, 2 pools with water and bushes, 2 stone walls
  • “Hippodrome” money
  • Software to count odds 
  • Cheques for bets 
  • Transportation to and from the event of all the equipment (within Vilnius).

Total cost of the „Hippodrome“ for the evening: 1500 eur

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